Our newest feature is now in testing!  Have you ever thought about going to a new venue, and wondered about the course, and what others thought of the route? Are the toilets clean enough ? Where can we go for breakfast ?

The Rate-The-Run feature will share all the info that other tourists have captured for the event.

What you should know:

  • The feature is now open to all users, so please help us compile a record of events.
  • We are still in development - the interface needs some work to make it easier to use and we are working on that.
  • We welcome comments on the format of the questions and answers.
  • You can only capture ratings of your most recent events.   If you have been to an event multiple times, then only your most recent event can be recorded.
  • Once you have captured a rating for an event, you can capture a new rating after you have been back to the event.
  • You need to have captured 8 ratings before you can see any results. (in Alpha testing now)
  • You can only view results from events that have had 3 ratings or more,

Do you feel inspired!   Do you want to contribute ???

We are looking for people who can help write articles and guides for the website.  You don't need to be technical.  You won't need to spend hundreds of hours either.  We'd prefer if you could spell, but that's not compulsory either.

Writers Solution

 What do we need to write about ?

  • A few "help" guides to help users navigate the features on this website.
  • A few articles with tips on being a tourist on this website.
  • News articles with updates on the website.
  • Tips and tricks for touring between events.


If you are interested, please drop us a note at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


It was just 4 months ago that the first updates were published on Extreme Tourist!  And your support since then has been overwhelming!

In those 4 months we have published 5 features including our first collaboration tool "Save My Plan". It was just before Christmas 2018 that we had our first registered user and this week marks our first exciting milestone when we welcomed our 50th registered user. Never did we think we would make it this far, this quickly. 

We were going to make the site "RED" to celebrate the milestone - but then we thought that might just be too cheesy!

Thanks to those of you who have joined the team as moderators and editors! And thanks for all the valuable feedback that so many of you have taken time to share with us. Based on your feedback "Save My Plan" is already undergoing an overhaul and the new look should be ready for testing in 2 weeks' time - holding thumbs.


Thanks for joining us on this epic journey!

The new Save My Plan feature is now live for all our registered users.  We have incorporated a few improved navigation features which will make it easier to scroll around.  You will also see some new buttons on the screen.  Here is a quick guide on what they do

The first drop down limits the selection to events in the selected regions.

Show only events I have not done yet.

Hide / Show my friends in the list below.

The status field lets others know more about the event.

 My plan is confirmed and I will definitely be going.

  I will be volunteering at the event.

I would like to share a ride with a fellow tourist.

Once you have made all your updates, remember to save them.

 PLEASE NOTE - These features are only supported on Firefox and Chrome Browsers.

If you are using another browser you will automatically be directed to the older tool.

Here is the work we have planned

  • Sep 2019
    • Rate the rate
      • drop down - tidy up
      • mobile friendly
  • Nov 2019
    • Save my plan
      • VUE update
      • filter my friends
    • Event View
      • Filter by region
    • Custom setttings
      • Length of Wilson
      • my regions
  • Dec 2019
    • Tourist Ranking
      • Dynamic table layout
      • Standards rewrite
    • Connect with others
      • New find-friends interface
    • All Wilson
      • Cater for Christmas and news years events
  • 2020
    • Travel Calculator
    • Feedback and comments
      • new module to be loaded

Feature and fix list

  • My plan
    • Show special events
    • Calculate the number of runs dynaically
    • Calculate number of runs and events by determining whether the tally includes latest run (today) or not
    • Show only new wilson events when selecting new events icon
  • Region list