Our Wilson calculations now cater for Christmas and New Years Day runs.    These are denoted by a Christmas Tree and a NYD calendar .  We don't show the runs on those actual dates, but if a run has been scheduled the Wilson rating of the next scheduled parkrun has been adjusted accordingly.

In the mean time we have made some improvements on the server side and fixed some bugs.   If you see something strange, please do let us know - we want to make this an awesome experience for you all.

Wishing you a fantastic holiday season, and if you are traveling to your next parkrun, please travel safely. Please don't forget that as a tourist we benefit from the time and energy put in by the volunteers.  Please make an extra effort to assist wherever you can - even if you don't get the volunteer credit.

Happy running!

Are you battling to plan your next event ?  Trying to plug those gaps on your Wilson Index.   Well now we have given you a view of the events you can do to help fill those gaps.  Check out the My Wilson page.  

The Wilson tables on this website cater for all published cancellations.  We don't however cater for the special Christmas and NYD events so please check the parkrun websites for events that may alter the Wilson index after these dates.  ( We are working on that)

The event numbers are updated at regular intervals during the week.  You can see the latest event numbers on the Wilson table and when last they were updated.

If you are following this site, you will see very few changes on the front end, but there is a lot of work happening in the back ground. 

If you want to look at some of the items we are playing with you can see them under the test menu, but that is all for stuff much further into the future.  Right now we are furiously working on getting your tourist ranking information into an easy-to-read format, and will hopefully get some trending information on that for you.

By Friday this week... holding tourist thumbs

Hello all you crazies!!

Just to let you know that the Wilson index view for the next 5 weeks is up and runing!!  You can find it here Wilson Listing.   You can still find your tourist rank information here Tourist Ranking.

Hope to you see you around, on the run and and around this site too. Happy touring !