Our newest feature is now in testing!  Have you ever thought about going to a new venue, and wondered about the course, and what others thought of the route? Are the toilets clean enough ? Where can we go for breakfast ?

The Rate-The-Run feature will share all the info that other tourists have captured for the event.

What you should know:

  • The feature is now open to all users, so please help us compile a record of events.
  • We are still in development - the interface needs some work to make it easier to use and we are working on that.
  • We welcome comments on the format of the questions and answers.
  • You can only capture ratings of your most recent events.   If you have been to an event multiple times, then only your most recent event can be recorded.
  • Once you have captured a rating for an event, you can capture a new rating after you have been back to the event.
  • You need to have captured 8 ratings before you can see any results. (in Alpha testing now)
  • You can only view results from events that have had 3 ratings or more,