It was just 4 months ago that the first updates were published on Extreme Tourist!  And your support since then has been overwhelming!

In those 4 months we have published 5 features including our first collaboration tool "Save My Plan". It was just before Christmas 2018 that we had our first registered user and this week marks our first exciting milestone when we welcomed our 50th registered user. Never did we think we would make it this far, this quickly. 

We were going to make the site "RED" to celebrate the milestone - but then we thought that might just be too cheesy!

Thanks to those of you who have joined the team as moderators and editors! And thanks for all the valuable feedback that so many of you have taken time to share with us. Based on your feedback "Save My Plan" is already undergoing an overhaul and the new look should be ready for testing in 2 weeks' time - holding thumbs.


Thanks for joining us on this epic journey!