Regulars on our site will have noticed some small changes recently.  We have made the features on the site available to some of our global running friends.  While not all the features are globally aware, our main pages are now able to show information from the UK, Australia and South Africa.  We welcome our international visitors and hope you enjoy your time with us SA folk.

The new South African Special event is the Freedom Day run, which replaces the Christmas Day run from this year.   All of our features are ready for any events that choose to host on 27 April.  Please support your local run by volunteering and giving back.

We will avoid the 20/20 jokes and just wish you all a superb year ahead.  May your barcode take you to some of the furthest stretches of our country, and the world.  If you have not realised it yet, your barcode will only help show you the most beautiful corners of the country we share!

Thanks so much for the the feedback we have received.  We will continue to make improvements and changes.

We have some final server side changes to make, and then we will finalise the event-view-page.  Thanks to everyone who has posted ratings.

Christmas Tree

We have had a number of enquiries asking about the Christmas and New Years Day runs. It seems many of you are planning your holiday runs and we are happy to help!  Our latest update for you on this:

  The Wilson Index of all events is calculated based on whether the event is hosting a run on either (or both) of these days.  Extreme Tourist will automatically track all events that have confirmed  they will be hosting a special event, and will adjust the the Wilson index accordingly.  

The new 'ALL WILSON' feature is in BETA.  It has a new look and feel and shows the updated events.  Please take the time to look at this and let us know how well it is working. You can now see the wilson plan over the next 14 weeks.

MY WILSON  has had face lift and now includes special events.  Its not as mobile phone friendly as would like, so we are working on that.

SAVE MY PLAN is in testing. You can save a run for each of these dates in your plan.  We are working on some of the other features on this page.

These features will automatically cater for the new Freedom day runs which SA will be hosting from 2020.


Gremlins sorted and now the first version of the new Save-my-Plan is ready.  You can now save your plans for Christmas and New Years Day.  And when April rolls around, you can capture your Freedom day run as well.   Please capture your plans.

In the next couple of days, you will be able to see your friends plan on the same page too.

Find the new page here.

Thanks to all the volunteers who have been capturing ratings for events.  We thought we would let you have a peek at what we are brewing.   We can only show data from events which have had at least 3 ratings, so please log on and help us get some data!  And when this goes live, you must have captured 8 ratings to be get access to this information.  The ratings page can be found here at Rate-the-Run