This website was put together with the inspiration of a few radical tourists, who just cannot get enough of our weekly 5K fix.  We are all runners, who believe in the parkrun spirit and love the greater family.  This site is built and run by volunteers.  If you have some suggestions, we would love to hear from you - but be careful we might just get you involved too laughing

We will continue to add to this site, and make features available.  With your input we strive to keep improving the features that we have.  A number of features (such as Save-My-Plan) are only available to registered users.If you are part of the few special members who are part of the BETA testing team, you will have access to our newest features.  Right now you can see the Rate-The-Run feature, and very shortly the event-view.

This website, and its content are  not endorsed by parkrun, parkrun South Africa or any of their sponsors.  It is here to serve you, the enthusiastic tourist.  All the information made available here is publicly available through the normal channels and websites. We do not have access to any private information, and will not publish any other information about you without your consent.

You may have noticed that the website is not very pretty.  Sorry, but we are not aiming for pretty.  We are going to try for "nice"  but really we are looking for useful.  Please bear with us as we keep improving this for you.  

Can you help with

  • Building prettier websites (CSS skills, javascript, jquery, VUE )
  • Icons, pictures and logos
  • Locating the public volunteer information
  • Handling general comms
  • Moderating site registrations

Contact us - we would love to hear from you - even if just to say "Hello'"