Finding a bus is easy to do.  Keep an eye on the various facebook and whatsapp groups where organisers might share their plans or make appeals for people to fill join in.  So you have found someone going to an event and you would like to go along.  What should you do

  1. Make sure that the request is coming from a reputable source.  If the request comes on one of the public groups, and comes from one of the active members, you can assume its safe.  Always check in with other parkrunners if they are going or if they know the organiser. #strangerDanger
  2. Contact the organiser and confirm
    1. Departure time;
    2. Departure point;
    3. The organiser's plan for after the run (Head straight back ? breakfast ? Sight Seeing for the day ? Staying overnight ??);
    4. Anticipated shared costs.   The more people that join the cheaper the ride-share costs will be.  Be prepared that the costs might be higher if the bus is not full;
    5. Confirm your attendance.   Cancellations are NOT COOLWe know life happens, but if you have to cancel, be prepared to pay for your share of the ride anyway if your seat cannot be filled.  Its the right thing to do;
    6. Ask the organiser if they need help finding people to join.
  3. Prepare suitably.  You can typically take a small bag along.  Sometimes you can squeeze in a pillow, but remember space is a premium in a full vehicle.
  4. Don't argue about which seat you get.  Nothing can make the trip more awkward.  In some vehicles, the seat configuration is such that some seats are suited for people with smaller builds.  At the end of the day, the organiser's call is the final decision.
  5. Feel free to bring some padkos and don't be shy to share.  Nothing bonds people like 4 hours in a cramped vehicle with some yummy snacks to share.
  6. Arrive on time.  Do not delay the bus as that could impact everyone's chances of achieving their running target for the day.
  7. Take photos, laugh and have fun.  Share your stories and your adventures.  No-one likes a mope.