Here are some items to think about when planning a trip

1 week before

  1. Confirm that the event has not been cancelled.  Cancellations are published on XT as well as on this parkrun site.
  2. Reach out to the ED/RD and tell them you will be coming through. They will be very glad to meet you.
  3. Check in with the ED/RD on
    1. Road conditiions and ideal route to get to the venue
    2. Recommendations on things to do and places to eat
    3. Start time, and venue
    4. A contact number of someone in the area in case of emergency (Please don't expect the RD to hold the race if you are running late!)
    5. Your ETA and whether you can assist in anyway with the run (even without the volunteer credit)
    6. Facilities at the venue

Day before

  1. Check weather reports and plan for event cancellation (mostly due to lightening)
  2. Check the event website to confirm start time and that the event has not been cancelled
  3. Pack your barcode
  4. Pack all-weather running gear
  5. Confirm your travel time.  Tools such as Google maps have been found to be very accurate